A Series of Adjustments

Adventures of an Aspiring Altruist

Rickshaw Run: India


We decided to cross India in tuk-tuks for the Rickshaw Run! We raised thousands of pounds for the charity Chiks which looks after an orphanage in Kerala, all we had to do was survive 5000 km in an ancient vehicle and embrace every danger and mishap that India could throw at us. It was utterly fantastic and well worth doing, for all manner of reasons so if you’re interested in doing something similar or just want to hear about something amazing then read on!


From here I’m in India:

A First Impression

The Good, The Bad and The Terrifying

The Long Road South

Temples, monkeys and all things speedy 

Crawling and Crashing to Cochin for Charity – Part 1

Crawling and Crashing to Cochin for Charity – Part 2

Here’s a montage of our trip across India in two tuk-tuks: 5,000 km in 2 and a half weeks from Shillong to Kochi to raise money for Children’s Homes in Kerala State!

Next, I went to Nepal to work with All Hands Volunteers to help with the earthquake relief!


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