A Series of Adjustments

Adventures of an Aspiring Altruist


Hello one and all!

I’m a relatively recent University graduate with an open, if cynical, mind. I’m ploughing my way through the next year travelling, volunteering and writing a blog to judge the changes in my opinions and seeing whether writing is a pastime with any kind of potential.

It all starts here, this blog explains why I’m doing what I’m doing. Feel free to comment and tell me why I’m completely wrong or right, I’d love your input!

My writing involves potentially humorous sequences from my life, spiralling thoughts on society and inadequately phrased insights on travelling the world.

August 2015 saw blogs from India throughout the rickshaw run, driving a tuk-tuk raising money for the charity Children’s Homes in Kerala State before heading to Nepal in September to work for the NGO All Hands helping with earthquake relief. I then volunteered in the Calais Jungle in December before taking a job in the French Alps and enjoying a ski season.

Next I’m (probably) off around the world travelling from England to Australia without using a plane, exploring, volunteering and working as I go.

As I try my hand at ‘writing’ please check out my flash fiction page and tell me what you think!

I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is always welcome.

Please subscribe and join me on my journey!

Our tuk tuks made it 5,000km to the orphanage in Kerala

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