The urge was strong that night. He strode through the sand with great desire and greater speed; all the time controlling the crescendo. It begged to be let loose, to satisfy that need, whispers of forbidden pleasures whirled in his mind. The worst part was that he desperately wanted to relinquish control, to give in to that animal instinct and discover the carnage in the morning. But no, the moment was wrong. He persevered.

A rumble shook the surroundings as he took the corner. He panicked, sudden angst showing on his brow, eyes flicking left and right. Nothing stirred and he gradually let loose his breath. The lights were out in the camp, that was good, the fewer the better for everyone’s sake. Time was fundamental to success.

A figure loomed in the distance, purposeful and hooded. He picked up pace again, careful not to jeopardise the already fragile mission. As he passed her, at no more than an arm’s length, the unrelenting desire flushed through him once more, a gnawing burden that he was certain she could sense. It took all he had to keep moving. He avoided her gaze but could feel the question burning in the back of his neck. It echoed silently and unanswered.

Twenty yards left. No one left in sight. He flew through the final steps, the distance dropping quickly. Flinging open the door he heard the hooded female cry out in disgust; no matter, there were no need for friends when such heavy matters were at hand. His body cried out for a stop to the procrastination and his fingers acted, opening the way. It had to happen now. He collapsed, carefully.

The woman hammered on the door but she would have to wait. It was his time.

He unclenched. Bliss.



That was short story inspired by some recent times in Ecuador and which I started after a particular trip following nature’s vigorous call… Apologies if you thought it might be stunningly creative, nope, just me writing about Ecuador’s Delhi Belly.