So as you may know, I’m taking part in National Novel Writing Month. I am loving it. Whether or not what I’ve written is any good or will make any sense or not is a different matter entirely but so far, the words keep coming!

I just passed 36,000 words and so have to do another 14,000 before Nov 30th.

In the next few days I’ll post a quick update about my plans after this project which will explain when, why and what I’m doing at the Calais Jungle Refugee Camp and what you can do to help! Their situation is incredibly bleak and with the cold really beginning to settle in they need all the help they can get. There’s more information on my facebook page  or here about volunteering but for now I’ll leave you with a short extract from my novel. I hope you enjoy it!


“Even if I had succeeded with Project CAE and was brokering a deal with someone else – which I wouldn’t – why would I tell you?”

Ronald pursed his lips. The big man spoke for the first time.

“Life becomes uncomfortable for those people who betray the interests of BC Inc. We would hate for family to have to come into it, but should anything happen to our virus, to our property. . .” his words fizzled out, the meaning clear.

“The simple truth is, there is no need to threaten you directly,” explained Ronald, pulling the pistol from his pocket and pointing it lackadaisically in Tom’s direction. “Because while there are people you love – even if they appear not to love you, we hold all the chips.”

He pointed the gun at Tom’s head and pulled the trigger.

A paper flag unravelled out of the end of the barrel. On it was a printed photo of his ex-wife and son at the dining table, another man was with them that Tom didn’t recognise.

“Bang,” whispered Ronald.